Alternative Press Picnic is in Hyde Park, TAKEOVER 2 confirmed

Zine makers gathered for the first TAKEOVER organised by Alternative Press back in May, attracting 1500 visitors.

Zine makers gathered for the first TAKEOVER organised by Alternative Press back in May, attracting 1500 visitors.

After the success of their first London TAKEOVER event, which saw some 1500 people through its doors to enjoy the delights of the alternative press, the team behind it have announced its return for 2015 – hopefully agin in May.

The Alternative Pressteam (who will be busy in Hyde Park…

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Lakes Festival offers discounted tickets – but deal ends on Sunday

The Lakes Festival 2014 poster, with Poblin taking centre stage.

The Lakes Festival 2014 poster, with Poblin taking centre stage.

With less than two months to go, things are really gathering pace and tickets for the 2014 Lakes International Comic Art Festival are already selling fast – with some events selling much faster than others.

The run on tickets might of course have something to do to with the organisers are currently offering 10% off all tickets.…

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Luma Works set to launch ‘Storytime’ Magazine, rejecting cover mounts as selling point

Storytime Magazine Issue One

New publisher Luma Works is to launch its first title, Storytime, on 10th September 2014 – a 52-page title offering a mix of fairy tales, folk tales, fables, myths, legends, poetry and extracts from well-loved children’s books that will eschew the normal practice of enticing readers with plastic cover mounts like almost every other young children’s title on sale on the UK news stand.


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Leah Moore and JohnReppion headline 2014 Dundee Comics Day

Dundee Literary Festival 2014 Poster

The Dundee Literary Festival has released details of this years Dundee Comics Day on Sunday 26th October, which aims to explore the diversity of the comics medium, and its relationship with other media and includes appearances by writing team John Reppion and Leah Moore (the folk behind the brilliant Sherlock Holmes book from US publisher Dynamite, among other things)

Taking place in Dundee…

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Photo Set



Two years ago, Jack Kirby’s granddaughter Jillian launched Kirby4Heroes, a campaign to raise funds for the Hero Initiative, which helps comic artists in need. On the Kirby4Heroes Facebook page, Jillian posted several vintage pictures of her grandfather.

I thought it would be illuminating to provide a guide to what Kirby was working on at the time of each photo. Sometimes we forget that personal and professional lives don’t exist in vacuums.

(1) July 1941: Only months after the introduction of Captain America, Kirby and Joe Simon would soon leave Timely Comics. Jack and Roz Kirby spent a day at Brighton Beach.

(2) May 1961: Fantastic Four #1 was in development. It would hit newsstands on August 8. Bar Mitzvah for Neal Kirby.

(3) December 1963. Avengers #4, featuring the return of Captain America, was on newsstands. Tales of Suspense #52, featuring the first appearance of Black Widow, was at the printers. The growing Kirby family celebrated Hanukkah.

(4) July 1965: The debuts of the Inhumans (in Fantastic Four) and the Sentinels (in X-Men) were in production.

(5) June 1966: The fully-Kirby-scripted S.H.I.E.L.D. story in Strange Tales #148 hit newsstands (along with all of these). “I [did] a little editing later, but it was [Jack’s] story.” Lee said in an interview. Neal Kirby graduated.

On July 12, after Joe Simon began efforts to claim sole ownership of Captain America, Martin Goodman persuaded Jack Kirby to sign a deposition stating that Captain America, and all the work he’d done for Timely in the early 40s, was done with the understanding that it “belonged to Timely.”

(You can read much more about this in Marvel Comics: The Untold Story.)

All images ©
2013 by Connie, Neal and Jillian Kirby.

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